The Community Clubhouse is a non-profit organization (501c3) located in the Buechel neighborhood. Our main focus is on tutoring children in our community, as well as supporting parents/guardians in their efforts to help their children with his or her academic and learning needs. We are a 100% volunteer organization.

We currently have 38 children in our tutoring program. At this time we have 26 tutors who range in age from 16 to 74.

We tutor three evenings a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Each child receives individual one-on-one tutoring. Parents and guardians are required to stay on site while their child is being tutored; they cannot “drop off” their kids.

It is a great time for parents to visit with other parents, and stay plugged-in to the community. After the 45 minute tutoring session, the tutor discusses with the parent/guardian what was worked on with the child, as well as any areas of concern.



Our kids and their families trust and appreciate our dedication and commitment to their child’s success. We understand that all families have unique backgrounds and circumstances, and it is up to ALL of us to provide support and opportunities for success to children in this community. All of our students except for four tested at grade level during our last assessments, and ALL of the students showed some improvement. Our dedicated and warm-hearted volunteer tutors not only provide academic help; they are nurturers, mentors, coaches, and cheerleaders for their student. Most of us started volunteering to give back to our community. Here at the Community Clubhouse, we have learned that we get so much more than we give!

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