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Community Clubhouse, Inc

PO Box 1145, Louisville, KY 40059

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We tutor 40 youths a month during the year, taking the 12 week summer off to allow the families to bond and grow.

It costs the Community Clubhouse $18 per month per kid. These costs are rent, supplies, electric, insurance and phone.

Our main goal is to help the kids who do not have the family resources succeed and proceed through their K-12 school years. The Clubhouse gives children a venue to bring themselves up to and maintain grade level. This allows them to gain self-respect and likely future success.

The volunteers at the Community Clubhouse are saving kids and their families, one at a time. The Community Clubhouse is operated by all volunteers and has NO PAYROLL. Their resources are stretched ever so thin because all of the volunteers tutor one on one with the kids. This leaves very little time for reaching out to the community for needed funds. Then you add a waiting list of over 50 kids.

You can see you can make a difference. You can really make a difference with. The Clubhouse runs on under $20,000 a year, with a good deal of our funding coming from the volunteers themselves. If you can and feel the desire, please send a child some love by underwriting a month for $18 to the Community Clubhouse.

We are a 501-c-3, so your donations are tax deductible. Again, if you could help one kid for one month, you would be saving a kid in need. If you can do more that would be great too. We invite you to give to the Community Clubhouse.

Currently we are accepting donations at PO Box 1145, Prospect, KY 40059, in person, or above by using a Paypal account. All donations will support the programs and mission of the Community Clubhouse. Visit our Donor and Sponsors Page to see who is supporting the Community Clubhouse. Below are some ways you can join in and help support the Clubhouse and its services. Your gift matters in the life of a neighbor or friend.


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